what is lip sculpting?

What Is Lip Sculpting?

Ever longed for more sensual, pouty, or youthful looking lips? Now you can have it all with Lip Sculpting. Lip Sculpting is a Permanent Cosmetic procedure that can enhance the beauty of your lips by defining both your lip color and shape. Slender, undefined, or misshapen lips can be modified through Lip Sculpting to dramatically refine your look by correcting and accentuating the lip’s shape.


If your lips lack color or you’re just tired of being a slave to your lipstick, Permanent Lip Color can be life changing. Whether you want dramatic ruby red lips or subtle pale pink, there are over 50 shades to choose from to find the perfect color that works for you.


Even scars on or around the lips due to injuries or surgeries can be concealed and virtually disappear with a combination of Lip Sculpting and Skin Color Camouflaging using Permanent Cosmetics.


Women and men alike can both enjoy the benefits of Permanent Cosmetics and Lip Sculpting. Read more about Lip Sculpting here.




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