Lip Sculpting

Lip Sculpting With Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent makeup lip color and lip liner can enhance, contour, and perfect the look of your lips. Through a process, we call Permanent Cosmetic Lip Sculpting we can create the lips you’ve always longed for.


Your lips can look more youthful, pouty, and sensual look while providing you with the benefit of not having to worry about lipstick or lip liner smearing or wearing off. Tattooed lips can be subtle or dramatic. It enhances the beauty of the lips by defining not only the lip color but also the shape. You can also use Permanent Makeup color to sculpt the lips into giving them more fullness.



Some lips are absent the double curve of the upper lip called “Cupid’s Bow.” The lip’s Cupid’s Bow sets the stage for the overall look. ¬†For some, this feature and may look awkward, undefined, or misshapen but by sculpting the shape of the Cupid’s Bow, lips can be changed to better compliment your face. Your Permanent Cosmetics Artist will consider many things when creating and sculpting your lips to enhance the Cupid’s Bow with Permanent Makeup Lip Color such as:


  • Depth between the peaks
  • Width-between the peaks
  • Sharpness or Smoothness-bottom of the “V”
  • Sharpness or Smoothness-top of the “V”
  • Width of the Nose
  • Facial Shape
  • Sharpness of the Chin


For others, lip scars from injuries or surgeries can draw unwanted attention to the lips. With Permanent Makeup not only can the lips be sculpted to be even, but the scars on and around the lips can be camouflaged. Women and men alike have benefited from scar camouflaging with Permanent Cosmetics.


During your Permanent Makeup consultation, you and the Artist will discuss what colors are ideal for you and how best to contour, define, sculpt and if necessary, camouflage your lips to give you a perfect look.


Take a look at our lip gallery to see what we have done for other clients.


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