What is Permanent Eyeshadow?

Permanent eyeshadow is perhaps the most artistic practice of permanent eye makeup. Beautiful, natural looking, multi-dimensional looks can be created to look just like natural eyeshadow. What makes permanent eyeshadow so fabulous is that like other permanent makeup procedures it cuts down on makeup application time, stays fresh and crisp looking day and night, never smears, or wears off. It’s waterproof, smudge proof, and cry proof – who doesn’t love that?


This highly advanced permanent makeup technique uses specialized patented needles and multiple shades of pigment to create a customized look that is complimentary to the shape of your eyes. Permanent eyeshadow is intended to give you gentle tones that give you that “every day” made up look. You don’t want to wake up looking like you’re on your way to a night club every day. It’s best to choose neutral or soft shades that can be worn any time of day, anywhere. There are over 50 pigment colors to choose from for your shadow, or we can create custom colors to design the perfect look for you! Bear in mind; permanent eyeshadow should never look drastic. No bold colors! If you want a more dramatic look, you can always add more eye makeup to your lids.


At Fabulously Flawless we perform the Dixon Slop technique, using a 5 Slope needle and the Nouveau Contour machine (digital machine made for advanced makeup tattooing). The cartridge style needles and machine are specifically made to be used for the application of permanent eyeshadow. This system ensures a gentle and safe experience resulting in perfect, natural, made-up eyes.



Dr. Linda Dixon, creator of the Dixon Slop Technique
performing the application of permanent eyeshadow on a client.


Things to keep in mind before getting permanent eyeshadow.


There are more and more permanent makeup “technicians” popping up everywhere. I use the word “technicians” very loosely because there are so many people performing permanent makeup who are unlicensed and uncertified. Many have very little experience or hands-on classroom training. Frighteningly, I see clients on a weekly basis that drive from as far away as Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina to have their botched permanent makeup corrected and sometimes even removed. Before you choose a technician MAKE SURE, they are a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professionals and have certifications in micropigmentation as well as advanced training in permanent eyeshadow. Make sure they are licensed to perform these procedures. Check reviews and references, and also ask to see their portfolio of work. It’s also a good idea to ask how many clients they have performed any given procedure on.


So remember, tattooing eyeshadow is a highly advanced form of permanent makeup and should never be attempted by someone who is not certified in this technique. In addition to proper training, the Professional Cosmetic Technician must be using the right type of machine and needles set at a very low speed. Never allow a regular tattoo artist to perform any permanent makeup procedure either. Don’t take chances with your beauty or health. Be sure to do your research before you undergo any procedure.


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