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How To Get and Keep Your Makeup Looking Perfect This Summer

There’s nothing worse in the summertime after spending some time outdoors when you look in the mirror and realize that the makeup you just spent 20 minutes applying has disappeared.


Those dark circles under your eyes are not from a night of partying, but instead from eye makeup that has run because it couldn’t stand up to the sun, surf, sand, and sweat.


Summer is supposed to be about having fun outdoors, going to the pool, the lake, and the beach. But who can enjoy all that summer has to offer when you are busy worrying about humidity, sweat, and water ruining your makeup and leaving you feeling a bit self-conscious?


Few of us are blessed with perfect skin and features allowing us not to have to wear makeup, and we all want to look our best. But sometimes the makeup we use to perk up our faces presents us with more problems than solutions. Smudges, smears, running, and fading of our eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and lip color presents a huge summertime challenge for many women. It’s because of this challenge that women are turning to permanent makeup. With permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, eyeshadow, lip color and liner you can look your best day and night, alleviating the worry of having to put on makeup or the smudging and smearing that comes with wearing traditional makeup.


Permanent makeup stays put and lasts for years. Though it is “permanent,” the pigments can fade a bit over time, and you will need to have occasional touchups. But the freedom you can enjoy of not having to apply makeup daily is wonderful! Many women find that having permanent makeup saves them money in the long run too. They no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars a year buying products to use every day.


Having permanent makeup doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun changing your looks for various occasions. If you want to switch up your look, you can still apply regular makeup over top of your permanent makeup to create a more dramatic look.


More and more women are being liberated from the shackles of having to worry about their makeup application and maintenance after having their permanent makeup procedure. If you are ready to free yourself from the stress and headaches of makeup, contact us to schedule a free consultation. To find out more about permanent makeup visit our permanent makeup page.

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