Permanent Makeup Gone Bad

Permanent Makeup Gone Wrong – True Stories, From Real Clients

About 1/3 of my business is doing corrective Permanent Makeup procedures or clients coming to me after having a bad experience with another permanent makeup technician. I hear many stories from my clients who have had some very serious and even potentially life threatening experiences from other establishments. I thought it would be helpful to share some of their “Permanent Makeup Gone Wrong” stories they have shared with me over the years.


Secret Eyeliner Injections Gave Her a Serious Infection…

“Many Permanent Makeup procedures are offered at nail shops, hair salons, or day time spas. Often the technicians cannot even communicate with us due to a language barrier. PLEASE, PLEASE—remember that your decision to use these facilities and/or technicians can have a very serious end result, which happened to me. You should NEVER be given a shot for any Permanent Makeup procedure. If your technician wants to give you an injection, RUN! Without my knowledge or approval, I had FOUR injections for permanent eyeliner—two on each eye. While my eyes were closed, the woman injected me with some kind of numbing stuff when I thought she was putting the eyeliner on. My eyes got a serious infection, and I had to get antibiotics from my doctor and wear sunglasses for over two weeks! Neither my doctor nor I had any idea what chemical she had injected me with. Later when I called the technician and asked her about it, she acted like she did not understand my question. So I had someone else call her that spoke her language. Even then she denied that she had to have a license to administer injections and said no one else had ever had a problem. Yeah, right!” –Donna R.


Her Shaved Tattooed Eyebrows Turned Blue –

“When I went to get permanent eyebrows, I was told I had to shave off my own eyebrows first. I didn’t know any better, so I said “Okay.” Big mistake! Things then went from bad to worse. Even though the lady doing the tattooing showed me where my eyebrows would be and how they would look, for some reason she did not tattoo them in the place she showed me. When she finished, I looked at them and wanted to cry! They were uneven and above my original eyebrow hairline, arched too high and too pointy, and the ends were square, so I looked harsh and angry. And later they turned a bluish-brown color. I tried several microdermabrasion treatments, which helped them fade, but it didn’t remove them. I have talked to different Permanent Makeup experts and doctors, and they all recommended laser tattoo removal. When I can afford the laser removal treatments, I will have my tattooed eyebrows removed. Then I will get new ones applied by someone good like Stacey. Until then, I have to live with these ugly eyebrows every day and I hate it.” 

–Maria N.


Her Permanent Lipstick was Excessive and Crooked…

“Previously I had permanent eyebrows and eyeliner done and was satisfied with it. So I wanted permanent lipstick and liner. The girl who does my nails told me that she did Permanent Makeup and kept asking me to have her do it. I thought, “Why not? She always does a good job on my nails.” Well, that was a big mistake. My bottom lip came out crooked and also my top lip. Plus she drew it way beyond the borders so I looked “clownish”. I wound up needing removal treatments because I didn’t take the time to look for someone who knew what they were doing. There were plenty of people I could have asked for a reference, but I didn’t. I just wasn’t thinking.”

–Ellen S.


Low Prices Caused a Painful Experience…

“Hello, my name is Libby and I’d like to share with you a bad experience: Last year I had permanent cosmetic makeup applied. The lady was referred to me by my hairdresser and her office was located in a back room of the hair salon. I was very interested in having lip liner, eyeliner and eyebrows done. I asked her about the pain and she told me “It would not be bad.” I figured that after having 3 kids, I could handle it. Wrong! The pain was so bad, I kept hanging in there thinking it would get easier, but it hurt more as we went along. I wanted to stop, however, it was something I really wanted to have done and the technician kept saying, “Just a little more, just a little more” trying to move on. After I healed and needed a touch-up, I never went back because of the pain. The price was cheap but the experience was high priced. As the old saying goes—you get what you pay for!” –Libby C.


Permanent Makeup in Someone’s House May Be Risky…

“I decided to get permanent eyeliner when I was living in a smaller city. I asked around and found a lady who did Permanent Makeup inside her home. At the time, I didn’t think about asking her why she did it inside her house instead of a regular business location. When she finished the procedure, she brought 2 cold eggs from her refrigerator and laid them on my eyes to “soothe them.” She said she used eggs “because they fit into the eye area perfectly.” Luckily, I healed without any serious infection. But it dawned on me later that putting an uncooked egg on freshly broken skin was dangerous (Salmonella and E-Coli bacteria can be on the outside eggshell as well as the inside). At the time, I was working as an EMT so I should have known better! What really got me was when she took the used needle, wrapped it up, and put it in an envelope with my name on it. I asked her about it and she said “I’m saving your needle for your touch-up” and “no need to worry because I only use a person’s own needle on them.” I never went back to her. Later, when I decided to get permanent eyebrows, I chose a qualified person who worked in an appropriate business environment with the proper business licenses.” –Michaela T.


She Got an Eye Infection From Her Own Household Product…

“My toddler was keeping me busy, so I wanted Permanent Makeup to save time. I had eyeliner done by a lady in a beauty shop who was referred to me. The procedure really hurt, but I survived it. She told me to keep it moist with Vaseline® for a week afterward, which I did. She didn’t give anything to me, but I had some at home and used that. I wound up getting an infection and had to see an ophthalmologist. The only thing he could think of was that I got the infection from “double-dipping” in the family’s jar of Vaseline®. I just never thought of that. –Jeanne C., Optician

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