Permanent Lip Color

What Makes Permanent Lip Color So Popular?

Permanent lip color is one of our most requested procedures here at Fabulously Flawless. But what makes it so popular? Our clients love the long-lasting results of fuller, even looking, and more colorful lips. The procedure can also solve issues such as excessively thin lips, pale lips, undefined lips, or allergies to makeup that prevents the use of lipstick.


A cosmetic tattoo can visually transform the appearance of your lips. You can finally have those full, seductive lips that you’ve always dreamed of without having to get filler injections. The permanent lip color procedure is also more affordable and non-invasive. Lip micro-pigmentation can be used to cover up scars, and correct skin discoloration. Also, women who have movement impairments, arthritis or jittery hands that have difficulty applying lip liner and lipstick find permanent lip color incredibly liberating.


Permanent lip color can be a true time saver too. No more penciling in your lips and reapplying your lipstick several times a day. Now your lip color isn’t going to change or smear when you eat or drink. There will be no lipstick marks left behind after kissing. Your lips will remain bright and beautiful 24/7.


So, what’s involved?
Permanent lip liner or full lip blending is achieved by implanting a natural hypo-allergenic pigment in the upper dermal layer of the skin. Though we recommend that all of our lip procedure clients get a dental block the day of their procedure to reduce any discomfort, the procedure is relatively pain-free. After the procedure, there may be some swelling to the area, but the healing time is short, and the results are long-lived.


No matter what kind of permanent cosmetic procedure you are considering keep this in mind – Permanent makeup requires both the hands of a surgeon and the eyes of an artist. So, make sure you ask how many procedures the technician has performed, and check out their portfolio of before and after photos. We also recommend checking with The American Academy of Micropigmentation which is the accrediting organization for permanent cosmetics professionals to make sure you are choosing a reputable technician. Make sure the person you are considering to perform your permanent cosmetics is certified, meaning they’ve passed the oral, written, and practical exam for permanent makeup application.


So, now you know why permanent lip color is all the rage. If you have more questions or you would like to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to accentuating your beauty very soon!
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