Freckle Frenzy!

This spring the fashion runways are blazing with natural skin paired with bold lips and eyes. Lips looks such as feathered edges, high shine, metallic, ombre, and glitter have made a comeback. Eyes are full of drama with bold and bright colors, black eyeliner, and big lashes. But, what’ most interesting about this year’s makeup trends is the natural skin look is being enhanced with freckles!


In recent seasons at fashion week, makeup artists have been dotting their models with temporary specks for a fresh-faced feel. Now the freckle frenzy is spilling off the runway and into the streets. Gals are loving them so much that they are clamoring to embrace them permanently through Permanent Cosmetics.


“Freckling,” as it’s professionally called, is a process in which a Permanent Makeup Artist creates natural looking dots on the face that will blend with the person’s skin tone. Some ladies believe that freckles can give their skin a more youthful, innocent, and natural look.


Are you ready to embrace freckles? Who knows, they may look super cute on you!


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