Choosing the Right Professional

Choosing the Right Professional

Choosing the right Permanent Cosmetic professional should not be taken lightly when you are considering having any permanent cosmetic procedure performed. These procedures are performed on highly sensitive and delicate areas of the face and body. Therefore it is imperative that you choose a practitioner that holds a certification in Permanent Cosmetics, has extensive training, experience, and is a true artist. Here is a list of the things to look for when choosing the right Permanent Cosmetic professional.

Certifications, Training, and Experience: 

Most people do not realize that the state of North Carolina does not require Permanent Cosmetics providers and their establishments to hold any certifications or licensure to perform Permanent Cosmetics or micropigmentation. Anyone can do it anywhere without passing a test. A bad makeup tattoo on your face is permanent until it is removed (if it can be). Permanent Cosmetics are NOT a service to buy on impulse or with a coupon. Don’t treat your permanent cosmetic procedure like a trip to a tattoo parlor!

It is critical that when you do choose a Permanent Cosmetics professional that they have proof of certification from a reputable institution, and they are not just a practitioner that has undergone an “apprenticeship.” Never let a “student” work on you.

The best Permanent Cosmetics Professionals will have received certifications and extensive training from a certifying institution such as the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

For delicate corrective procedures such as cleft lip, scars, and skin pigmentation disorders, as well as areola restoration your Permanent Cosmetics professional should be certified in Micropigmenation with The American Academy of Micropigmentation, and be a Licensed Paramedical Tattoo Artist.

The industry of Permanent Cosmetics and Mircopigmentation changes constantly. A true professional will always strive to do what is best to deliver the best and safest service to their clients by continuously educating themselves. Ask your Permanent Cosmetic professional if they are up to date on the latest procedures, industry, product, and safety standards.

Health and Safety:

Choose a Permanent Cosmetics professional that follows the most stringent health and safety regulations. Make sure your credentialed Professional follows proper OSHA Blood borne Pathogens Standard practices and works in a professional environment. This certification ensures that the practitioner isn’t reusing needles, has proper disposal for waste, completed health-related training and practices proper sterilization techniques, among other safety considerations. As with any paramedical procedure, your face and health are at risk for infections and transmission of blood borne pathogens. It is also suggested that your Permanent Cosmetic professional be licensed by County Health and Human Services.

Make sure that the professional you choose does not have any complaints on file with the Better Business Bureau and carries a current insurance policy.

If you do not see any certifications for the technician who is going to deliver the service to you, ask to see all of their certifications before they begin any work on you. Just because someone SAYS they are certified doesn’t mean that they are, or that their certifications are up to date.

Precision and Artistry:

Permanent Makeup is not “one size fits all. Each of us is unique there are many things for your and your Permanent Cosmetics professional to consider. You may want a particular look, but a true professional will discuss the pros and cons of what you want and the results you can expect. They should make sure that the colors for your procedures would look ideal for your skin tone. Your Permanent Cosmetics professional will take into consideration your particular skin tone and color, the shape of your face, features, as well as the color of your hair to ensure the best look for you. Permanent Cosmetics should enhance your look, and make you look and feel your best. And since it is permanent there is no room for guesswork or trial and error.

Your Permanent Makeup artist should take measurements for particular procedures. For example, measuring your brows to ensure that they will be proportionate and even. They should also provide you with their artistic guidance to help you achieve your goals while making your look your best.

The Best Tools:

Make sure your Permanent Cosmetics professional uses the highest quality color pigments for all of their procedures. Such quality products should be tested and proven to be safe, hypoallergenic, and are guaranteed to produce the longest lasting and best results. Lower grade pigment colors can change in the skin over time due to exposure to sunlight, skin rejuvenating glycolic acids, Retina A, and many other factors. Some colors, such as black, fade more quickly than others and in time procedures need to be refreshed. Some pigments can migrate, streak or look blurry. So make sure they are using the best pigments available.

Choosing the Right Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional

What Type of Pigment Delivery System Do They Use?

In addition to the pigments used, your Permanent Cosmetics professional should have a clean, well-maintained pigment delivery system. Ask the technician what pigment delivery equipment they use. You DO NOT want someone who is using a rotary system. These are used for tattoo parlors, not Permanent Cosmetics.

What Types of Pigments Do They Use for Each Type of Procedure?

Professional Permanent Cosmetic artists always use top quality pigments. Also, within each brand they use they should ONLY be using the pigments specified for the body type. For example, brow pigments should not be used on eyeliner or lips – so make sure they are using the proper pigments in the proper places on your body and face.

Before and After Photos: 

You wouldn’t hire a makeup artist or hairdresser without seeing samples of his or her work, so apply the same logic to your search for a Permanent Cosmetics professional. Ask to see photos of past clients so you can get an idea of the their style, technique, and overall ability. A good practitioner should have LOTS of photos in each procedure they offer.


It is also a good idea to do your homework, read online reviews and check ratings for various Permanent Cosmetics providers, but ask your Permanent Cosmetics professional for client references. This helps to assure that the reviews and ratings online are accurate with what previous clients have experienced.


We all know “you pay for what you get.” You should NEVER shop for price when it comes to Permanent Cosmetics! This is your face, and a bargain price isn’t a bargain if the result is less than beautiful. There are many practitioners who have inadequate training as well as limited if any artistic experience and ability. Heavily discounted prices – Permanent Cosmetics is in high demand, so most Professionals are able to stay busy through referrals and reviews. Low prices or promotions that just seem too good to be true often speak to a lack of experience of the technician. The end result may not be what you wanted, or worse yet, you may need to find a Qualified Professional to fix mistakes that are made, which in the end will cost you more money.

Set Up A Consultation:

Take time to schedule a consultation with the Permanent Cosmetics professional you are contemplating for services. It is well worth the extra time spent to be assured of quality Permanent Cosmetics that you can enjoy for years to come. You must to feel comfortable with the practitioner you choose. Good communication between you and the practitioner is of utmost importance. This is an investment in YOU, so please do research to find the most qualified Professional…you are worth it!

Correction Policies:

Ask the technician what their correction policies are. If you are unhappy with the results provided by your technician what is their commitment to you to correct it? A true Permanent Cosmetics professional will always stand behind their work.

Finding Your Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional

The best place to start when seeking a Permanent Cosmetics Professional is to go to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) website. The SPCP is dedicated to safety, ethics, and education in the industry. Find an Professional who is a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professionals (CPCP) with the SPCP and maintains their membership with the SPCP. Other certifications of importance that you should look for when choosing a Certified Professional are Certified Paramedical Tattoo Artist, Certified Paramedical Tattoo Artist, Certified Microblading Professional, or Certified Advanced Collagen Induction Professional, to name just a few.

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