Aesthetics & Skin Care

Aesthetics & Skin Care

Flawless skin can be yours with our fabulous aesthetics services.

Fabulously Flawless’s aesthetics skin care services are the perfect complement to our permanent makeup and skin rejuvenation services. We offer customized facials and peels to help your skin look toned, bright, clearer, and just down right fabulous!


We always require a consult so we can review the client’s lifestyle, medications, skin condition, diet and other considerations before we begin treatment.  We will be looking for irregular spots, and if we see something that is out of the ordinary, we may refer you to a Dermatologist.


Also, if there are abnormal growth patterns on your face or on your neck, that may be a sign that you have hormonal imbalances and often, that can be the cause of acne. We want our clients to get the greatest potential benefits from their treatments.  We check in with clients to monitor progress but clients must also put forth a continual effort to improve their skin as well.


Our facial treatments are corrective in nature and customized according to the client’s current skin condition after we examine the skin.


Because all facial services are customized, they do not include massage.  Our goal is to improve your skin and all facial appointments are geared toward improvement.  Once we have assessed your skin, products will be recommended and pricing will be discussed.  Services are 100% customized every time you come in so that you achieve the best results possible.  We will recommend home products and you will see significant improvement only if do your part in your routine at home.

Modalities and Treatments Used for Fabulously Flawless Skincare Include the following:

Chemical Enzyme Peels

Enzyme peel treatments speed up natural chemical reactions in the skin that renew skin cells while exfoliating dead skin.  Enzyme peels treat every kind of skin problem.  In addition to those improvements, they may penetrate the skin and deep cleanse pores.  The skin will appear more toned and even.  There is no downtime because the enzyme peels only affect dead skin cells. Another reason enzyme peels are so popular is because of the instant results.

Chemical Acid Peels

These peels exfoliate dead skin cells and remove living cells. They address different skin problems by removing skin, causing the skin to repair itself which in turn, repairs some of the problems with the skin present.  Medium to deep chemical peels can also require recovery.  Some of these treatments can take time to see the benefits. Chemical peels are administrated by professionals.

Ultrasonic Spatula Soft Peeling

Using the Ultrasonic Spatula, which is the new generation of microdermabrasion provides a soft peel.  There is little to no redness or downtime with this treatment.  It gives retexturizing results with the gentle use of ultrasound vibration. The opposite side stimulates blood flow and penetration of product.  The end result is the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Eye Rejuvenator

Rejuvenates and awakens tired eyes, reduces puffiness and helps eliminate dark under eye circles with this safe and relaxing micro-current treatment.  The Eye Rejuvenator uses scientifically proven microcurrent technology to increase oxygen and blood that speeds up natural collagen production and increases product permeability of eye creams and serums to further enhance their effectiveness.


Dermafiles™ are skin polishing and resurfacing tools made of stainless steel and finely crushed cosmetic diamonds. These files will lightly polish the skin by hand, removing the top layer of dead skin cells, and leaving velvety smooth, fresh, rejuvenated skin.  They are an alternative to microdermabrasion and are effective in treating aging and sun damaged skin, scars, acne scarring, pigmentation, stretch marks, fine lines and enlarged and clogged pores.

Cold Hammer with LED Blue Light

Helps clear, lighten and smooth the look of skin. The Cold Hammer enhances skin’s absorption of nutrients and removes wrinkles and reduces unsightly spots.  The Cold Hammer also reduces dark circles and lightens spots.  Lastly, it helps fight fatty areas, tightens and firms. The Cold Hammer is ideal for anti-aging.

Rejuvapen Micro-Needling™

Rejuvapen Micro-Needling™ (commonly known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) or Microneedling) is an amazing breakthrough in skin care that yields amazing results quickly with almost no downtime. This 100% natural form of skin renewal is a form of fractional collagen induction that repairs from the inside out. Your skin will be firmer and regain its elasticity, so fine lines and wrinkles become visibly reduced, pores are smaller, and you look younger. For more information about Rejuvapen and pricing click here.


Thermoclear utilizes both low radio frequency and high frequency and treats skin imperfections such as skin tags, Cherry Angiomas, cholesterol deposits, milia, broken capillaries, Seborrheic Keratosis, flat hyperpigmentation spots including age spots and sun spots and more. For more information about Thermonuclear and pricing click here.


As we age, our skin gets thinner and dryer. It loses collagen, which gives it a thick, plump appearance, and elastin, which makes it snap back quickly. The time it takes for healthy young cells to migrate to the uppermost layer slows down, which makes skin look dull. Our faces are exposed to the elements and get lines and creases from all the facial expressions we make. Our customized anti-aging facials and peel treatments will improve your skin’s cellular health, resulting in immediate brightening, firmness, and radiance.

Anti-Aging Treatments

$75 and up

prices subject to change

Clarifying & Brightening

Our gentle but effective clarifying treatments target blemishes, balances oils, detoxifies and improves skin tone, enhancing skin’s clarity to create a fresher, and healthier appearance. Our clarifying treatments help those with oily or acne prone skin to achieve clearer and fresher skin. Our brightening treatments work to refine skin’s texture, reduce dark spots, inhibit pigmentation, boost clarity, and restore skin tone. Skin’s cellular health is improved, and immediate brightening and radiance are revealed instantly.

Clarifying & Brightening Treatments

$75 and up

prices subject to change


Our deep but gentle retexturizing treatments are customized based on your skin’s needs to help resurface dull, rough skin, and restore silky softness. Cell turnover is encouraged through exfoliation and cleansing, banishing dry, flaky skin and revealing a new, smooth, radiant texture. Skin appears more even with enhanced elasticity, texture, tone, and clarity for a refreshed, nourished and youthful look.


$75 and up

prices subject to change


We start with a pre-peel accelerator mask which provides nourishing ingredients that soften and hydrate the skin’s surfaced preps your skin for the peel. Our body peel treatment improves the appearance and texture of the skin with a combination of exfoliating, smoothing and brightening ingredients. This treatment is an excellent choice for promoting an even skin tone and clear complexion on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands and feet.

Body Treatments

$100 or $50 added to another service

prices subject to change

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